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We Build Top-notch Facilities with Precision

Welcome to Oat Construction, where craftsmanship meets excellence. With a passion for building dreams and creating lasting structures, we are your trusted partner in construction solutions.

About Us

Nigeria's Top Building Construction & Civil Engineering Company

Oat Construction Nigeria Limited is renowned as Nigeria’s premier building construction and civil engineering company based in Lagos. Our expertise lies in the meticulous design and construction of filling stations, residential dwellings, and commercial office spaces. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and innovative design, we strive to exceed client expectations and deliver unparalleled results in every project we undertake.

Our Promises

We build works that last through time…and they speak of us and you.

Our Core Values

Our Clients


Our Services


Building Construction

We build spaces where dreams thrive, blending innovation and expertise to create lasting structures that inspire generations.


Civil Engineering Works

We engineer solutions that propel communities forward, leaving a legacy of excellence in every project we undertake. 


Development Consultancy

Guidance rooted in experience, empowering clients to achieve their development goals with confidence. 


Project Management

Efficiency and excellence from start to finish, keeping projects on track and teams aligned with precision and passion. 

Why Choose Us

We’re your trusted local choice for building and civil engineering. With expertise in diverse designs and a commitment to excellence, we deliver top-tier results in construction and allied fields.

Better Understanding of Project Needs

Experience excellence in building and civil engineering with Oat Construction Nigeria Ltd. What sets us apart? Unrivaled respect and professionalism, even in the toughest schedules.

Shorter Construction times

As your Construction Manager in Nigeria, we cover scheduling, budgeting, subcontractor bids, quality control, safety, and total project management. Expertise and value guaranteed.

Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our comprehensive expertise spans the entire project lifecycle. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we ensure competitive costs without compromising on quality standards.

Building is not just about bricks and mortar, it’s about dreams taking shape, aspirations reaching heights, and legacies being built upon the foundation of passion and perseverance”

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